After a pretty good day yesterday, Holden fell asleep around 6pm last night.  He woke today at 8am to take his anti-seizure medication and vomited shortly after.  When he throws up, it's usually a good indicator that he is going to sleep for the day and that's exactly what he's done.  It's now 9:15 pm and he has only opened his eyes long enough to tell Alex and I that he doesn't love us and to change the channel.

Holden is very irritable these days and when he isn't feeling good, he gets angry at the first person he sees.  We have learned not to let it bother us.  It's almost become a game for him because even when he's feeling good, he will tell me he only loves me a little bit.  :)  We hope tomorrow is a better day and that Holden wakes up with a burst of energy.  There is still a chance that burst could come tonight, and we are perfectly fine with that.  


  • I believe Holden’s mood is from pressure of the tumors, pain and oxygen levels changing his mental stature. Is he taking pain meds? Those are mood changing also. I know it must be hurtful but this is not the same sweet Holden. If he could you know he would come back to you as he was weeks ago.
    I am so sorry from the bottom of my heart. I won’t say anything trite like pray harder, be strong and hope for a miracle because you are hurting and you have a right to feel however you choose… except one thing, please know all of your tic toc family love your family so much🙏🏻💙🎗

  • God bless him I know how he feels I have chronic pain syndrome among other things and it’s sucks bc there is things you want to do and you can’t because you hurt so bad. You sleep bc it’s the only time you don’t know your hurting. I can’t do things I use to or I want to do so yeah I understand how that sweet baby feels. Y’all are in my thoughts and prayers. 💙

    Kimberly L Baker
  • How can I donate without purchasing merch?
    Wishing you and your family all the best.

    Lisa Mbarak
  • https://youtu.be/5tjynNLL4KY

    This song made me think of Holden’s mom.

    Jessica Wilson
  • GM, how can I make a donation to
    H💙LDEN? I don’t want to spend $ on t-shirt, I rather send him my $. God Bless this lil beauty! Tick Toc new n saw his beautiful face! Maybe he can teach me to swing a club! 💙🙏😉🌻☀️⭐️👶🏻🥰

    Rebecca R

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