After a pretty good day yesterday, Holden fell asleep around 6pm last night.  He woke today at 8am to take his anti-seizure medication and vomited shortly after.  When he throws up, it's usually a good indicator that he is going to sleep for the day and that's exactly what he's done.  It's now 9:15 pm and he has only opened his eyes long enough to tell Alex and I that he doesn't love us and to change the channel.

Holden is very irritable these days and when he isn't feeling good, he gets angry at the first person he sees.  We have learned not to let it bother us.  It's almost become a game for him because even when he's feeling good, he will tell me he only loves me a little bit.  :)  We hope tomorrow is a better day and that Holden wakes up with a burst of energy.  There is still a chance that burst could come tonight, and we are perfectly fine with that.  


  • Oh how I have come to love Holden. I check TikTok like a 12 year old waiting for her crush to call (a lot). Sending you an abundance of my love and holding on to every day he is opening his eyes. Your complete family is amazing.

    Julia Lujan
  • Thank you so much for sharing Holden with the world. I have a 14 month old brown eyed son and I can’t imagine the pain the you are going through. I keep your family in our daily prayer asking God for a miracle. We love Holden very much ♥️

    Nini M
  • I just did my bedtime check to see how my TikTok superstar is doing. I have only been following your story for about 3 months. I have come to love your little guy so much . You and Alex are the best parents everyday and I’m so glad you want to make everyday his happiest day , those days make my days better. He came into my life just when I needed him. Thank you for sharing him. I received my bracelet and I ordered a sweatshirt. I am so happy to support your family at this time. Sending love and light as you continue this difficult journey. Holden and all of you are always in my heart and on my mind. #holdenstrong

    Lori Karger
  • I check TikTox several times a day. I patiently wait to see his big brown eyes and that smile. It breaks my heart when he doesn’t feel good. I can not imagine your heartache. I am so very sorry. I just received my wristband which I absolutely love and I just ordered a shirt. Thank you for sharing Holdens story with us. I have come to love your precious little man. I pray every day for comfort, healing & strenght for Holden & your family. Holdenstrong!

    Pat Duncan
  • My heart aches for your family. Please know that there are so many people who love you and pray for you daily. May our Lord bless you and hold you close. 💙💛

    Toni LaRocco

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