#HoldenStrong Wristband Updates

We apologize that it has taken so long for the second batch of #HoldenStrong wristbands to ship out.  We were expecting to receive our second order yesterday, Friday, but our UPS confirmation now says they are being delivered on Monday.  

We have most of the labels printed and packages prepared so they are ready to go.  We, and by 'we' I mean Holden's brother and sisters, will be packing them up and shipping them out next week.  We do have enough wristbands coming to fill all existing orders and more are on the way.  Our expectation is that every order will be on its way to you next week.  

Several people have asked about kid sized wristbands and we are looking into ordering a batch of those as well.  We will let you know if we do.  We know Holden has many little friends who would love to show him some love.  

Thank you so much for your support and your patience.  


  • Would love to order some children’s wristbands. My little ones saw mine and want to wear it. No rush though that can wait. Holden’s older brother and sisters are doing a great job of getting the wristbands mailed out. Thank you and you rock. Sending love and hugs. We love you Holden to the moon and back. 💙🙏💙🙏💙

    Megan Gamelin
  • Finally got my wristbands ordered! My husband had to do it from his phone since mine was having issues lol but I’m just excited that I got them ordered! I can’t wait to wear them ☺️☺️

    Kari (TT karijohnson96)
  • Kari Johnson you can pay with a regular credit card that is how I paid for mine. I hope you see this and it helps.

    Barbie benton
  • I’m having a problem with my google pay 🙄 I see a few other payment options but is there a way to pay with just a regular credit card? Anyone know? Please help!
    I’ve been checking all day for updates on all social media platforms & although selfishly I wish there was an update already, I’m praying it’s because Holden has had a bit of a better day & that Alex and Chad are getting some time with him. 🤗🤗
    I see many of you saying the same things I do… We love Holden. We pray for him several times a day. We cry daily. We check for updates from the time we wake up. We would give anything to take his cancer away.
    I just want to say that I’m proud to be amoung people who try care for others & say such beautiful things to lift the Mullens up. In a world filled with so much hatefulness, I’m so pleased to have found Holden. He has given me hope when I needed it most & has been such a bright ray of light on some of my dark days. I only hope that being part of Holden’s Tik Tok army brings Holden some hope & light as well.
    Again, thank you for allowing us to be on your journey…the good & bad.
    I think the world of your family!
    Love from South Carolina ❤️❤️❤️

    Kari Johnson
  • I ordered a bracelet but I wanted to check on Holden. How’s he doing. I’ve watched for an update today. I pray daily for him

    Cindy Freeman

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