Monday 11/16


Holden had another crummy morning and afternoon, sleeping most of the day with Alex holding him in the rocking chair.  As we were changing him and getting ready for bed, he started to rally and wanted to sit at the table.  

This time he sat there for over 30 minutes while I ran to fetch his McDonalds.  As he was waiting he worked on the milkshake that he requested earlier in the afternoon. He stayed awake, playing and joking as he rested in his “cozy spot” on the floor.  We watched Blippi and Shrek and then around 11pm he requested some strawberries.  ✅  Around midnight, he asked for his favorite car shaped pancakes. ✅. Finally about 30 minutes ago, he peacefully fell asleep.  By no means a great day, but it was better than the previous two so it felt good to us. 

I got a little rocking chair time in today as well when I got home from work.  Hallelujah!  



  • Today, I prayed for Holden like I usually do and midway through the day got up to take a break from work. I found a lady bug in my window. I thought it was strange being that it was snowing like crazy. I then went to grab my mail. Opened my door and a red cardinal was sitting there. I thought this has to be a good sign. I left to go to the office and heard Fight Song as I was checking on Holden’s post. I cried and cried. He looked so tired and I had prayed so hard for energy and a good day for you guys. I got to work still feeling sad, two songs played on the radio within the first hour back to back… Watermelon Sugar and then Footloose. What are the odds? When I saw your post tonight about Holden’s adventure today…I was so unbelievably happy for you and Holden. I pray so hard for you and your warrior for smiles, McDonald’s, I love yous and the occasional bad words lol. I’m glad you had a better day with your sweet boy and I’ll pray for more. Sending love and hugs. #holdenstrong 🎗️

    Kristen and the Green Family

    Kristen Green
  • Always praying for Holden and your family 🙏🏻🙏🏻🙏🏻

    John Aprieto
  • It was so good to see those big eyes 💕 Little man you have a huge chunk of my heart. You all are in my heart & prayers. Stay strong and keep fighting baby we all love you 💙 I hope you like the duckie blanket. #Holdenstrong ⛳💙🙏🎗

    Pat Duncan
  • Holden you are so strong keep fighting buddy! We are all rooting for you❤️❤️❤️

  • As a mom, my heart breaks for you and your wife. It breaks for Holden as well to have to go through something so hard and unfair in life. I’m praying for a miracle. A lot of tears have been falling the last few days for Holden and your family. As crazy as it might sound Holden has a special place in my heart. I just love hearing his voice and watching him laughing. I’ve done watched the lasted video probably 15 times because it makes my heart feel just a little better. Thank you for letting us follow this journey with you and we love Holden and your family. 💙💙🎗🙏🏼

    Barbie Benton

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