Tuesday 11-17

Today was better.  In fact, compared to recent days, I would call this a "good" day.  Holden slept until around 9:00 and was still sleeping off and on throughout the morning but he picked up some energy by noon.  He sat up quite a bit today and his appetite was if full force after not eating much over the last few days.  Today's food runs included one Starbucks dash for his Bacon and Gouda sandwich and three, yes THREE trips to McDonalds, one of which was just in the nick of time at 10:59 PM for a fresh order of "long" fries.  They were thrilled to see me pull up for one last order.  Sorry McD's.

To our surprise, Holden also requested a mission to buy some toys.  The actual request was for Target toys, but we have picked those toy aisles over pretty clean, so we settled for a new destination.  He ran out of energy pretty quickly and was happy to be back home, but he liked getting out of the house.  We also passed by our local Ozinga Ready Mix Concrete and caught a glimpse of some new shiny concrete mixers.  It's going to be warmer on Thursday and Friday so hopefully we can go back and take a closer look one of those days.

The City of Naperville stopped by today to issue a violation notice because we do not have a permit for Holden's duck coop.  Rules are rules and we will need to reconfigure a few things in order to comply with our local laws.  Animal control had stopped by the other day because someone had called about our wandering ducks.  We thought that was the end of it, but apparently we were wrong.  I only wish that our duck-averse neighbor, whomever that anonymous asshole is, would have made an issue when it was a little warmer.  The good news is, after reading all of the local rules, I now realize we can have up to 8 ducks, so maybe it is time for 6 more.  Karen...you poked a bear.


  • I know a month later, please know I will fund the ducks and anything that is needed to meet code enforcement!!
    I stumbled on this post as I’ve not known how to handle you guys loss,I feel as if I lost my boy all over again and it’s been 15 yrs! So Karen if you have notifications on, know I will give my last penny to do whatever the Family needs! (I kind of feel like Holden is giggling in Heaven and David (my boy) is saying oh she has this!)
    I’m terminally ill, there is nothing anyone can do to me that will hurt so C&A and Mainly Parker hehe I will step up and do anything needed! I run my boys cause David’s Smile, he was DX with a rare cancer and his goal was no child had to face cancer before 11 (a kids mind). So we send out smile mail Anonymously to wee ones, teens and tweens who are terminally or chronically ill ,as well as gifts for siblings and adults!
    We sent Holden packages off his Bucket list on Amazon.
    I just realized I had the PO Box and if okay, I would love to send David’s Smile package to the family(siblings, moms dads, GP’s and those close to our Angel hero! DM if you like when dust settles!!!God Bless you all, Holden’s service was beautiful! Let Parker know This Holden who is old (52) says way up! Loved the message!!!!

    Michelle Holden
  • I’m with you, Chad! As the saying goes… Don’t start nothing, it won’t be nothing! Wandering ducks… wow. They must have been causing a real ruckus and raising hell… rogue ducks. Karen’s are the real problem.

    Michelle Ackermann
  • I love it! Whomever that neighbor was, they have no idea of the army behind those two little ducks, being lead by a big grizzly bear!
    Silly Karen.

  • Holden is an amazing lil guy and has touched so many people thru tictok, instagram and more, You all have changed my view on life since i have started following Holden. Chad and Alex- you both are amazing people, it was great to get to meet you and Holden, if you ever need anything please dont be afraid to pick up the phone , I will do anything i can to help you all, that includes helping you find a couple more ducks!! I didnt bring a hamster last time but i sure can show up with some ducks! (just kidding Alex)God Bless you all! Love and Hugs from Kansas CIty!

    DeAnn richards
  • Dear sweet Holden, you and your entire family have captured my heart, and it’s overflowing with love and affection. For such a little dude you are one hell of a fighter. Sending love your way

    Patricia berenson

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