Tuesday 11-17

Today was better.  In fact, compared to recent days, I would call this a "good" day.  Holden slept until around 9:00 and was still sleeping off and on throughout the morning but he picked up some energy by noon.  He sat up quite a bit today and his appetite was if full force after not eating much over the last few days.  Today's food runs included one Starbucks dash for his Bacon and Gouda sandwich and three, yes THREE trips to McDonalds, one of which was just in the nick of time at 10:59 PM for a fresh order of "long" fries.  They were thrilled to see me pull up for one last order.  Sorry McD's.

To our surprise, Holden also requested a mission to buy some toys.  The actual request was for Target toys, but we have picked those toy aisles over pretty clean, so we settled for a new destination.  He ran out of energy pretty quickly and was happy to be back home, but he liked getting out of the house.  We also passed by our local Ozinga Ready Mix Concrete and caught a glimpse of some new shiny concrete mixers.  It's going to be warmer on Thursday and Friday so hopefully we can go back and take a closer look one of those days.

The City of Naperville stopped by today to issue a violation notice because we do not have a permit for Holden's duck coop.  Rules are rules and we will need to reconfigure a few things in order to comply with our local laws.  Animal control had stopped by the other day because someone had called about our wandering ducks.  We thought that was the end of it, but apparently we were wrong.  I only wish that our duck-averse neighbor, whomever that anonymous asshole is, would have made an issue when it was a little warmer.  The good news is, after reading all of the local rules, I now realize we can have up to 8 ducks, so maybe it is time for 6 more.  Karen...you poked a bear.


  • I can only assume that the person who called animal control didn’t fully understand our situation or maybe didn’t even know who the ducks belong to. Our neighborhood has been very supportive so that’s what I have to believe.

  • This post warmed my heart. I’m so happy he had a good day. The last 2 posts and videos were hard ones. Your little guy really has ahold of my heart. I pray for Holden & your family daily and I pray for more good days to come 🙏🙏 Why anybody would turn in his ducks knowing the situation is a complete a$$hole. I really do hope you go get more! My heart melts with the love you have for Holden, you both are amazing ❤ Thank you for sharing your update and your little guy with us. We truly do love him 💙
    #Holdenstrong 🙏🎗⛳

    Pat Duncan
  • It so good to read this post. I am so glad he had a good day am praying he has more. I love getting on tik tok and watching his videos and his story. It makes me cry everyday but i love watching his story. Yall are doing a wonderful job with your son don’t let any one tell you different. Yall are always in my prayers. Tell Holden hi.

    Kristine McCoy
  • That’s my favorite sandwich from Starbucks! We make a Starbucks run every Sunday! & that’s what I always order. Delicious!

    I would love to send you some more ducks! 😂😂. People really are just miserable humans sometimes 🙄

    As always, sending all of my love and prayers!

    Kellie Suggs
  • Hello Mullen Family, I am so happy Holden got to go out for a little. I will continue to pray for Holden and the family. I just wanted to say how I admire you all, for the patience the courage and the love you guys have for Holden. I have cried so much watching Holden’s Videos because it’s hard to see a baby so brilliant go through this, but only god knows and his plans are perfect. I will not stop praying for a miracle. We love you Holden.
    Regarding the ducks I’m so happy you can have more, Should I ship you two more ? 😁
    Thank you for sharing Holden he is a blessing in my life. He is a precious Gift 🎁 that I keep in my heart ❤️. Looking forward for more good days.

    Alma Díaz

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