Holden's Story


Holden Mullen is 3.5 years old and has been fighting a rare form of Brain Cancer, AT/RT, since his first birthday. After multiple brain surgeries and 18 months of intense chemotherapy, Holden completed his initial treatment in September of 2019 with no evidence of disease. Sadly, his first post treatment MRI reveled that the cancer had recurred and further spread to other parts of the brain and to his spine.

With surgery not an option, Holden was started on multiple experimental chemotherapy regimes, each one failing one after another.  At his most recent MRI, his disease had continued to progress significantly.  Currently there are no more chemotherapies available for Holden. We recently attempted Radiation Treatment, but his body was unable to tolerate the effects and developed uncontrollable seizures after the very first session. Doctors were finally able to stop the seizures after inducing a coma for 24 hours. Holden is currently out of treatment options and under the care and support of hospice.

Over the course of his life, Holden had drawn the hearts of many people to his pictures and videos on social media.  A flood of love and support and kindness has made each day special for Holden. The goodness in the hearts of so many people is astounding. 

I few of Holden's greatest joys are playing golf, chasing down concrete mixers at our local Ozinga location, and checking on his two pet ducks that live in his backyard.  Those are all represented on the #HoldenStrong wrist bands.

Prior to Holden's relapse, the family started Holden's Warrior Wheels, which raises money to buy wagons for recently diagnosed pediatric cancer patients. The wagons are the same type that Holden used throughout his initial treatment. His relapse has hindered those efforts but it remains a goal for the future.  In the meantime we have partnered with our local charity, Cal's Angels, and help raise funds through various fundraisers throughout the year.

We appreciate your support of our warrior and we hope that you wear your #HoldenStrong wristband in his honor and spread awareness for every Pediatric Cancer Warrior and Angel.

Thank you for all of the love and support and prayers.

Gratefully,The Mullen Family